Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2012: The end of the world?


So I just watched a trailer for the movie 2012 which involves the Maya Long Count calendar ending on December 21st, 2012, and so begins the apocalypse . The Maya calender does indeed end, after 5000 years, on Dec. 21st 2012, but it is the same as our calender ending every year on Dec. 31st, not a prediction of the end of the world.

However, I think the most interesting thing about the trailer was the final shot telling us to "find the truth, Google 2012". I must admit I love Google and Wikipedia almost as much as I love my own self, but anyone who admonishes you to seek the truth through amateur web sites is clearly grasping for straws. It is also very clear to me after reading a few of the Googled web sites, that anyone who believes this theory has not studied the Maya because they call them "Mayans".

I feel it my duty as a student in a Maya art history class to tell everyone out there that only the Maya language is called "Mayan", never the people or anything else having to do with their culture, they are always referred to as Maya (By themselves and by those who study their culture. Yes they are still alive and well in Mexico and Guatemala).

So if you feel compelled to research the Maya, make sure the sources you are using do not use the word Mayan inappropriately. It means they don't have any idea what they are talking about or are just making wild and unresearched accusations without understanding the Maya culture.

Thank you, you may continue with your day.


The Queen Vee said...

I feel like I'm getting my degree along with you. Thanks for clearifying Maya and Mayan. I will never use them incorrectly again. Oh Great Megan, you have saved me from future Maya/ Mayan faux pas

P.S. Thank goodness the world isn't ending in 2012, I simply won't be ready for that!

Crazy Granny said...

I am so happy that you have set us all straight on the Maya. I'm now going to find every opportunity to use that new word. Why just the other day I was thinking I needed to invite some Maya over for dinner and I'm thankful that I've waited until now because who want's to make a horrible blunder like that.

Tobi said...

Great post Megan. I love the part about the public service announcement. Good thing you straightened us out and told us the world really isn't ending in 2012. I know I was very concerned!!

Kernal Ken said...

Maya, oh Maya! What an informative blog! Maya you have a happy Thanksgiving.