Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh the British...

So once again I've discovered how being British, or even just pretending to be British, makes one more awesome by a ratio of 783013 to 1.

I was reading about the horrible earthquake in Haiti, wishing that I could go and help, when I read this article about the US Occupation of Haiti. I was getting the "conquering" vibe from several foreign websites, but I though that was mainly news-mongering, until I read this article.

America is always wrong, part 85: US is accused of 'occupying' Haiti

I though that it was very apropos that it was the French who accused us of occupying their former slave state. Also, nothing unites English speakers more than agreeing that the French are silly.

I'm so glad that the US and nearly every western and eastern power have offered assistance to the devastated and helpless Haiti. I'm sad that the African countries don't have the resources to send, because I'm sure they would love to help, and I'm also sad at the lack of response from the middle east. I think that if anything could help that war-torn dessert, helping somebody else could do it.

Anyway, the British rock. I started reading more articles written by Janet Daley (who is in fact, only pretending to be British), who wrote the above article and discovered that the British call crazy "kill-the-people-to-save-the-planet" lobbyists "Warmists." She also proposed a plan to, instead of trying to alter the planet's climate, help our poorer neighbors prepare for said climate change. Pretty radical I know.

I find that now that I'm jobless I think a lot about politics. The condition is worsening, so hopefully I can find some employment soon.