Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The End of a Career

For those of you who have wanted to hang out with me in the past 3 years, you'll know that I can never do said "hanging out" without some very careful planning a month in advance. This is mostly due to the odd hours of my job.

Since August of 2006 I've had the same job working for the BYU Info desk. It is basically been the best job ever, but since I'm graduating from BYU they won' t let me stay. This means I won't have to work 6am-10am one day, then 9pm-1am the next, but it is a sad day indeed. Now what kind of stories will I tell to garner attention at Alex's Master's get-togethers--Lame "I've-read-so-many-works-of-litterature" stories? Who will I argue with about whether or notTwilight is porn? How will I earn money?

These are problems I'm not sure any future job could imediently solve, but untill all my questions are answered I will leave you with some of our strange calls:

Operator: BYU Operator
Caller: Did you know that it is raining outside?
O: ....No?
C: And did you also know that the sprinklers are on at the Provo Temple?
O: Uhh...
C: And do you know what that means!?
O: That the temple is wasting water?
C: Mushrooms! Mushrooms are going to be sprouting all over the grounds of the temple. I need you to call them to let them know
O: (befudled pause) I can connect you there to tell them.
C: Oh, well, that will be fine. Someone has to let them know before this gets out of hand.

Operator: BYU Operator.
Caller: Hey, do you know if BYU accepts testies?
O: I'm sorry, did you just say testies?
C: Yeah. I know they have some cadavers on campus, and wanted to know if I could donate some testicles for science.
O: Uhh, I'm.. not.. sure..let me connect you with BYU Phillanthropies. All donations go through them.
C: thanks a bunch.

Operator: BYU Operator.
Caller: Hey can I talk to Cori?
O: Sure, What's the last name?
C: Smith.
O:I'm not finding a Cori Smith...
C: Oh, Smith is my last name.
O: ....Do you know Cori's last name?
C: Oh! Yeah, it's Johnson.
O: Ok, here he is. his number is...
C: Oh wait! I just want to talk to him.
O: Ok, let me give you his number and connect you. It's 42...
C: Can't I just talk to him?
O: Umm he's not actuall here, in the room. Let me connect you to his office...