Monday, March 14, 2011

Death of a cranky, leaky Titan

It is a sad sad day as I commemorate the death of a faithful companion. My red, '91 Mazda MX-6 came back from the clinic today with a very long list of complaints (mostly an oil leak of unknown origin that causes the alternator's belt to slip) that would take anywhere from $800-1200 to fix. Since my dad bought the car for $1500 about eight years ago we decided that it's life must now come to an end.

As you can see it is only 231 miles shy of 200,000 miles. After traveling from Colorado to Utah to California and back, with a very inattentive owner, it certainly now deserves a break and a good send off. We shall forgive it's annoying automatic seatbelts, and how it didn't idle in its last year. Instead we shall remember how it traveled from Provo to St. George through a horrible southern Utah blizzard on a quarter tank of fuel, and how it gave a high school girl a modicum of actual coolness on the occasions my dad felt sorry for me in the cold and let me drive it instead of the Cool-Mobile (Honda Civic Wagovan). It even had a radio that worked! kind of...

Goodbye Red Hot! We will miss you!

In other news, my flowers are blooming! The first image is a Gardenia, I think it's some kind of hybrid because it doesn't smell like a gardenia, but oh well. The second is a Bird of Paradise, and the third is the blossoms on the peach tree. Thank you Grandpa Mizner and California! I couldn't have grown these flowers without you!