Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artwork from last year

So finally I am posting my artwork from last year, which includes: oil, watercolor, gouache, ink, a few acrylic, and an egg temera. Woo-hoo!

This is the first extended painting from my figure painting class. It is in oil. If you are offended by bikini's, there isn't much I can do for you except say at every other art school models are nude :). This painting, which is mounted on a door cut in half, took probably about 40-50 hours to paint.

These four are the start or my in-class shoe series for Aqueous Media. Aqueous media is any media that uses water as a vehicle (rather than something like oil). The whole semester I painted these shoes in different ways and with different materials. The top three are watercolor, the first one being an arbitrary/abstract.

The last one is an ink transfer and very watery gouache (most inks are also Aqueous Media, the ink used for this was water-based Intaglio ink).

I only did these three painting of my blue wedding shoes, the first one titled "Sacred Blue" was the first painting I did for the class. It is in watercolor. The single shoe is in acrylic, and the last is India Ink. For the ink one I used different hued washes, diluting the ink with water.

This is one of two painting we did on a plein-air(pronounced plane)field trip. The other is so grotesque I couldn't bring myself to put it up. This one is a view of the western mountains and sky seen from Rock Canyon Park in Provo.

These are my favorite painting from my Aqueous Media class and they are Gouache! Huzzah! The first two are from a second Plein-air outing, and I'm not going to lie, they are awesome. Doing the second painting, of the thicket, I began to understand the principles of painting outdoors and my teacher was pretty impressed.

The last two are shoes of course, the last took quite a while, but one in which my teacher was also impressed. All of the shoe painting I did in the 3 hour segments of class-time with the shoes sitting in front of me, and it made painting the Dr. Martins difficult because lighting would be changing day to day, or even hour to hour.

These are kind of misfit paintings, in that i just barely took pictures of them. The shoes are the last shoes I did for Aqueous Media. They are in Egg Tempera, which was a somewhat difficuilt media to work with, hence I only did the one painting. The shoe part is only about 5"x5" and the whole piece is 12"x12". I still like the kitchenesque tiles, mostly because it is super hard to get Egg Tempera to look that flat and consistant. Bragging rights really.

The whistle was for my final project. I painted about 15 items from my typeset tray.

The last painting was my in-class final for Figure Painting (the very last picture is a closeup of the models face which was tiny on my painting, very hard to get right). It is in oil.

Yay for the last painting, that I will show at least... It is of my face. A giant face.

This was my Final project for Figure Painting.It is on the other half of the door from the very first painting. It is of course not a perfect likeness. You also might have noticed the red things coming out of my neck; those are a Maya symbol of sacrifice, with some of my own embellishments. It's in oil. Yah, it's weird, but my teacher really liked it, so that's that.

So, for the two or three of you who really wanted to see my work, hooray! For everyone else...sucka's! :). This is of course not every single piece I did this year, but the ones I liked the best and still have with me, or had already taken pictures of.

P.S. All these works are copyrighted to me, so no stealing please.