Friday, October 3, 2008

My new blog because the old one was deleted...probably because I ignored it.

So here is my new blog. I was guilted into making a new one since I have no way of communicating with the outside world that does not involve a computer.

Anyway, I'd better start with the title of this thang. For most of you normal people you probably have no idea what Gouache is. It is an opaque watercolor that is favored among illustrators because of its fast drying time, ease of application, velvet type texture, and ability to be erased/corrected. I just started using it for the first time in my Aqueous Media class and I have to say that it is the shiz. My plan with this blog is to post my current projects, wheather they be in gouache, oil, acrylic, finger paint, whatever. I know that there are like 3 people out there who are dying to see my work, so here it comes people!

I might also post my thoughts about things, I am rather opinionated and like to pontificate. I also reserve the right to do other things to my blog that are neither related to art nor interesting. Blogging world, here I come!

My old blog wasn't deleted, I just can't edit it anymore. If you want to look at the sad sad remnant of my former blog, here it is.

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Tobi said...

I love the part where you say that you reserve the right to put anything you want on your blog. Funny stuff Megz.

I AM dying to see your work so get busy showing it off!!